Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Francis does the news

Fox News carried this headline on their web site, “Barack Obama Accuses Rivals of Taking Advantage of His Comments,” and I just had to write the story.

DES MOINES, Iowa – The administrators at Des Moines Elementary School are still trying to come to terms with events that occurred at their school today. Principle Dean informed us that Senator Barack Obama chose his elementary school as an appropriate location for his tantrum press release.

With constant declarations of, “It’s not fair,” Obama accused his political opponents of attempting to sabotage his campaign by using his quotes and referencing his lack of maturity.

Witnesses reported hearing various comments made by his opponents. Gov Richardson was reported to have said, “Barack’s stupid.” Sen. Clinton was quoted as telling him to, “Just grow up!” And Sen. Edwards was overheard declaring, “My Hair!”

The only word from the Obama campaign staff was, “Their all just poo-poo heads.” Additional details were promised during the next televised debate.

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