Tuesday, August 07, 2007

In Baghdad

The first thing that hits you here is the heat; it’s Phoenix hot or maybe a little more on occasions. Baghdad International seems a little neglected and the terrain could be some drier parts of Utah, like Dougway. In the parking lot I smell old urine and think, “maybe Tucson.”

I’m staying on Camp Victory and it’s HUGE, lots of support here. The Chow Hall/DFACs are large too with more options than a mall food court. I’m reminded of a story from late WWII where a German soldier captures a mail truck and realizes that his war is lost because the Allies have the capability to ship chocolate cake. Here we have gourmet cake and Baskin Robins ice-cream too. It seems pretty apparent from my perspective, the war is won; what’s left is a police action against organized crime.

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