Friday, June 08, 2007

Washington Day 4

I suppose it had to happen; today was our day of disappointment. I didn't get to the Washington Monument in time for tickets. The Library of Congress was a stop just to break up our walk in the heat but it did have a great room devoted to Bob Hope. Then, we crossed the street to the Capitol Building for another let down. I didn't know we needed tickets to tour the Capitol Building too. We were provided passes to enter the Gallery but they wanted us to trash all our drinks and lunches in order to enter; something we were not prepared to do on such a hot day especially when we had been told that the House was not in session at the time. It was much too hot to be doing much walking so we returned to the Hotel to lick our wounds and spend some time in the pool.

I even tried to catch up on some news. Apparently someone switched tapes at the cable company cause I kept turning the channel to Fox News but seemed to keep seeing E! A whole bunch of nothing about some Paris temper tantrum. O'Reilly did manage to squeeze in a Michelle Malkin interview and during Hannity and Colmes, Oliver North had a quick story about our work in the Philippines but I had to endure a couple hours of Paris fluff to see them. And, for the record, Michelle supported her points better than O'Reilly did and made Geraldo look like a moonbat in comparison.

Way to go Michelle!

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