Monday, June 04, 2007

Day 0

I spent a little extra to get the only non-stop flight into Washington-Reagan – it was worth it – 4 hours on a plane and we where there. We even got a bonus during our descent through a thunderstorm; I think we can avoid Bush Gardens on this trip.

Checked into the hotel behind the Smithsonian and enjoyed the free dinner they offered then off to the Mall. On the few occasions that I have been here before, the Washington Monument has always been closed for maintenance or repair; I think I will finally have my chance to see inside it. It was closed when we arrived but that was only because we didn't get there until after it had closed for the day. It should be open tomorrow. I touched it today. The World War II memorial was impressive! Then, the long walk to the Vietnam Memorial where we arrived after dark. I found and touched the name James L. Moreland again.

We have a few pairs of tired legs with more aspirations for tomorrow. Now if only I could get 2 boys to bed I could get some sleep

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