Saturday, May 05, 2007

What I will not miss here

1. Being wet all the time. If it’s not raining I’m sweating.
2. Spider webs across the face several times a day.
3. The constant, never ending, sound of a generator.
4. The fear that strikes me each time I don’t hear the generator. (Generator mechanic is an additional duty which I have not been trained for.)
5. Driving wide vehicles on narrow/crowded streets.
6. Rice and chicken… for every meal!!!
7. Interrupting a night’s sleep for an hour’s guard duty.
8. Traveling everywhere with 70 pounds of armor, weapons and ammo.
9. Mold on everything that’s not metal.
10. Rust on everything that is metal.
11. Internet access little faster than dial-up and extremely high latency shared by a dozen people
12. Having to walk outside to go to the bathroom and experience #2.
13. Cold showers.
14. Water restrictions.

More to come as I recall them.

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