Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Let me send my hearty greetings on this St. Patty’s day. I do have a trace of Irish blood in my veins as evidenced by the copper hair of my youth and I married into a more direct line and, I am told, my wife will be taking my son and some of his cousins to a parade back home. As for me, I started the night before by watching Boondock Saints with a bunch of Marines and Seabees then this morning I looked deep into my wardrobe to find some green to wear; I ended up settling for the same thing I wore the day before.

My day is finished before most of yours begins so; my St. Patrick’s Day is done. It was a long and tiring day – make that a few days – which I will tell you about in much more detail. But first, some sleep, some cleaning, a shower, and dry clothes.

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