Monday, May 28, 2007

In Memoriam

The other day I was paging through an old copy of the official U.S. Special Operations Command magazine and saw a list of USSOCOM soldiers who had been killed in action in the war on terrorism. I found the names of the two from my battalion during my first deployment to Afghanistan and one of a soldier I attended the Special Forces course with that recognized my brother in Bagdad just before he died. I was surprised by a couple names that I recognized from my past of men I had lost contact with. On this Memorial Day I honor each of them individually for their sacrifice while protecting us from the imposition of a distorted form of Shariah Law.

Like the BlackFive writers, I also suggest that we honor them on this day by enjoying life to its fullest. I plan to do so by riding my bike to meet my siblings and their families at my brother and father's grave sites and enjoy a picnic with them at a nearby park.

On this Memorial Day I am also reminded of the difference between giving one's life for a cause and dying for a cause. The latter only takes a moment and is usually unintentional while the former requires a lifetime of dedication. To best honor those who gave all in a moment, we should live the rest of our lives promoting the cause that they died for.

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