Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Washington Day 2

The International Spy Museum was the first attraction that we paid money to enter. The boys said it was definitely worth it; easy for them to say because they didn't pay for the tickets. For me, there was not much new. Just about everything has been covered in some form of training or counter-espionage briefing that I have received. Still, the boys had fun running around checking out all the tricks and tools on display. I haven't yet had the heart to tell them that a real spy's most common tool is a stack of paper for report writing.

That took all morning so we returned to the hotel for lunch. After all yesterday and this morning's walking, I had a revolution on my hands so we took some time off until after dinner.

A hotel cab took us to the Lincoln Monument where the greatness of the man was well displayed. I was overwhelmed by the thought that never since has so much eloquence surfaced in a man so poorly bred.

We walked along the Potomac while the sun set and enjoyed the view. Our destination was the Jefferson Memorial, where we had been told, the sight was spectacular after dark. All the reports were right. Like Lincoln, you can't help but be impressed the by the greatness of this man. While Washington was a great example in action, Jefferson had the ability to record for posterity the greatness of his time.

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