Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Washington Day 1

We started off with the Air & Space Museum because it was within walking distance of our hotel. When we entered I was thrilled to see that Space Ship One was already on display in the entry way. 3 hours later we had seen a small fraction of the building and the boys were working hard to spend all their money on the first day and a good portion of mine. That is when one of them remarked that we would never see D.C. in a week at our current rate. I learned many years ago that you could spend a month in this town and still not see all the sights.

Next was the Archive building. Not much time so we went straight to the centerpiece. Last time I was here it was all open and we walked up the front steps to the Declaration and Constitution. Now you have to go in a side door, through security, and then upstairs to see them. I was disappointed to see the ink seems to have faded on the declaration so most of it is no longer visible under its current light. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were very legible and I took a close look to read and verify a couple of points that seem to be currently in question but more on that at a later time. The gift shop was back downstairs. Years ago I visited Philadelphia and picked up a copy of the Declaration just a few feet from where the original was signed. This time I picked up a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights just below where the originals were on display

By the time we made it to the Museum of Natural History we had been on our feet for too long. I have never seen boys so disinterested in dinosaurs. After dragging them through the fossil displays we made a quick pass by the Hope Diamond then back to the hotel for food and a swim.

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