Thursday, June 07, 2007

Washington Day 3

The White House was first on our list today. We exited the Metro at the Farragut West station and started walking south on 17th. Suddenly, a patrol car approached us from the front with lights and siren on. It came to a rapid stop right in front of us blocking all traffic from entering the intersection from our right; the officer exited her vehicle and began directing traffic. This gave us the opportunity to cross the street so we continued on our way. Then, about a dozen motorcycle cops came cruising up the street which confirmed my suspicion that this was some kind of high profile escort. I encouraged my family to hurry to a better position without cars parked on the curb so we could better see what was about to occur. Black sedans began appearing from around the corner, windows blacked out, but nothing worth checking in a lead car anyways. Then a Black SUV, brain registers, "primary vehicle," windows also blacked out, no chance of seeing him. Another black SUV tight on its tail, again blacked out windows; but, back passenger window down, I register man, dark cloths, sunglasses, M-4. Then, like a dream interrupted, they were gone just as quick.

I have taken part in this type of maneuver many times in the past and knew what was happening. I was still left standing in awe thinking, "Wow! Impressive!" It was quite a rush to watch it performed by those who wrote the book and lived the book daily.

I guess the rest of our day walking around the White House and at the National Zoo was boring in comparison. We did see about 4 moonbats in front of the White House but they looked like they were left-over's from the '60's. I also noticed that the Jefferson Memorial was clearly visible from the back balcony of the White House and I imagined waking every morning and having to answer to Jefferson concerning the state of his Republic.

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