Wednesday, August 31, 2005

You may have noticed...

Blogger apparently has a system in place to increase cross traffic between the blogs they host. After each new post is submitted, I receive a spike in my hits which lasts a couple of hours. Along with this spike in hits, I receive a number of spam comments and I had to delete a number of them last night which were in poor taste. As a result, I turned on the word verification security feature provided which is supposed to eliminate automated spam software from posting comments. Please do not allow the extra step necessary to keep you from posting appropriate comments.

If you like my blog and want to let me know then please do so by e-mail. No not feign compliments in an attempt to advertise on my turf. If you want a link from my site, again, e-mail me and if I feel you represent a noble organization, I will add a link on my main page. But, rest assured, I do NOT want to be affiliated with any porn site.

If these actions continue I will take the next step and eliminate anonymous comments. This is one I do not want to take so please make your comments appropriate and in context with the subject in my article. If there is another subject you would like to discuss here, once again, e-mail me and I will take it into consideration.


Due to a couple of different recomendations, I have now switched my comments to HaloScan. I have copied previous comments into a single comment under each article because I value your comments and wanted to preserve them.

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