Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This is NOT a Quagmire!

I have been thinking that someone may misinterpret my articles and assume that I think we are fighting this war wrong. This is far from the case since we are winning this war. It is NOT a quagmire. Despite the biased negative reports you constantly see in media reports, the terrorist are despised by most Iraqi’s because they would rather live in a peaceful and prosperous society. Given the course we are on, and assuming that we stay the course, we will eventually win the fight. Some historical references can artfully illustrate our past successes and failures. First let me state the fact that we won the war against Iraq and it took less than four weeks.

I do not create mental lists from most favorite to least favorite but rather have groups of more appreciated and less appreciated. So, one of my most favorite movies is Empire of the Sun. Within this movie the main character James meets Basie an American who tells him that it is not the Japanese that they need to worry about but rather the transition of power.

Human history is full of examples where societies have survived under the most tyrannical of governments; they just need to learn to live by the rules. But, surviving is far different from thriving. Examples like Germany, Japan, South Korea, and even the Confederate States show how nations can prosper when we stay the course and support the new government with an occupying force. Other examples like Vietnam, China, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Cuba are prime examples of what happens when we fight or support a war and then walk away. The examples are without exception.

Now that we have won the war in Iraq, thanks to a mastermind by name of Franks and not an archaic Shinseki, we need to win the peace by completing the transition of power. History has shown us that if we stay Iraq will prosper. The only way we could lose is if we left. The opinions I expressed are not the only way to win. I merely suggested them as a better way to fight.

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