Sunday, August 07, 2005

Site Improvements

If you have been checking in on my site over the weekend then I hope you have noticed the improvements. I have started my links section and would like to recognize a couple of other bloggers who have been very helpful in my beginnings. First GoldFalcon from the Jump Blog has been very helpful and is primarily responsible for my being here. Next, Jack Army was gracious enough to comment on my arrival to the blogosphere and has sent lots of traffic my way. Thanks guys for your support.

By way of thanks I have added links to my blogs posted by the Americas Army game project; you can view them bellow in my Archives section. If you came by way of the Jump Blog then you may have already seen them. I also submitted three additional blogs that were never posted by the army and I am working on getting them up, at least as soon as I figure out how I can host them or integrate them into my site.

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