Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I will go...

where nobody else seems to want to go.

I have the greatest respect and condolences for any Gold Star Member. The most memorable scenes in the movie “We Were Soldiers” were the notification scenes back at Ft. Benning. Every Gold Star member has the right to morn but 16 months is not just unhealthy, it’s selfish. So, here’s my open letter to Cindy Sheehan.


Your son, Casey, chose a life of adventure and service. I am sure he learned the value of things greater than himself. He chose to serve in the Army and he chose to serve in Iraq; his ultimate sacrifice should be honored and revered forever. Your current endeavors do not honor him. Quite to the contrary, your actions belittle everything he stood for.

First, the cause Casey believed in is a noble cause. Regardless of what your handlers have been spouting President George Bush did not lie. I challenge you or anyone to illustrate his actual lie rather than just parroting the words “Bush Lied.” I wish I could say more but let me say that there are witnesses that watched Saddam’s trucks drive into Syria. I am certain that Saddam had the ability to produce weapons of mass destruction on command.

What is well documented is the sadism that Saddam was involved in. Casey has provided a great service by helping to rid Iraq and the world of this mad man. Despite tainted reporting about all the worst about life in Iraq, life is better there than it has ever been. In Iraq they have had free elections and are working on a constitution. The people have hope and can look forward to a better future. You need to stop listening to journalists who have a political agenda and listen to great men and women like your son who believe in sacrifice and potential and not any advertised agenda.

You now demand that we withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. This would guarantee that Casey’s death would be in vain. An immediate withdrawal would leave both countries at the mercy of terrorists and ensure two terrorists states which would export terrorism at a rate and magnitude we have never before seen.

Now for a question I have been contemplating; how did someone as selfish as you raise a son so selfless? 16 months of crying “Woe is me” is selfish and does nothing to honor or respect Casey or any of his fellow soldiers; it only makes you a hollow shell to be used by others in their quest for domination over others. I suggest you stop spreading further lies about our president, accept the conference you have already had with him, and reflect on what all this self pity has done to your family.
The free pass you received as a Gold Star Mother has expired. As big as your loss may be, your effort to dishonor your son and the rest of us in uniform is intolerable.

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