Monday, August 15, 2005

Did I say I hate Bureaucracy?

I have participated in Psychological Operations before but usually as the one dishing it out. That changed this past week courtesy of a managed healthcare provider. I was involved in a motorcycle accident back in June and have had a cast on my foot since. OK, I’m such a nice guy I postponed my cast removal appointment so I could attend my brother’s wedding. Since the appointment had been postponed a week already, I was eagerly counting the hours until this life sucking appendage could be removed. The psychological blow crashed into me hard when they told me my appointment had been canceled.

When I am not busy fighting the medical bureaucracy I just want to turn my brain off until my next scheduled appointment. I did just get confirmation this evening for an appointment tomorrow morning so I’m starting to come out of my coma and should have more content up for you tomorrow. Here’s a hint: Mrs. Sheehan, your free pass just expired.

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