Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Are We Streached Too Thin?

I have seen the “we’re spread too thin” argument far too often and it usually precedes an argument for or against a draft. I am personally fed up with this ongoing logical shortsightedness. If we are spread too thin in is because of gross miss-management.

The Department of Defense is required by current law to maintain troop levels significant enough to fight on two different fronts and protect our shores. It should be obvious that we have found ourselves in this worst case scenario. Our current administration has proposed some force realignments but those were vehemently opposed by the left; apparently it would negate one of their valuable arguments against the Bush administration. This can help relieve some of our deployment load but there are other alternatives that have not been discussed.

The Air Force recently announced 3 month rotations. It’s nice to see that they have enough lift capabilities to transport 100% of their deployed force every 90 days. The Army is sticking with their 6, 9, or 12 month rotations depending on the type of unit deployed. Again, it’s nice to see them sharing the pie and letting more officers get their combat ticket punched but this is still rather inefficient and creates problems. I have personally seen many officers who have refused to takes the risks necessary to take the fight to the enemy because they wanted to ensure that all their little boys came home at the end of their rotation. They apparently thought that the war could wait for the next unit.

As an avid student of history, a term common 60 years ago comes to mind, “Duration +6.” This term was used to identify someone’s length of service. Another term from another previous war, “Till it’s over.”

Now for my proposal as one who would be affected negatively. Activate the 19th and 20th Special Forces Groups in their entirety along with all reserve PsyOps and Civil Affairs groups. Deploy the 3rd, 5th, 19th, and 20th Groups as needed and leave us there “till it’s over,” or at least until things quiet down enough for a force reduction. Make SF the main effort and turn both theaters over to U.S. Special Operations Command to control. This would require far fewer conventional troops and would be much more effective. Approximately 65 years ago the Germans overran the French in a matter of days because the French believed they could fight WWII with WWI tactics; let’s not make the same mistake.

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