Thursday, August 18, 2005

Debunking Liberals: SGT C's Determination

This is the first in a new category on my site obviously titled Debunking Liberals. As the title implies, these articles will be dedicated at illustrating the facts that the left do not want you to hear.

This one comes from Major K.
SGT C. was evacuated to the Military Hospital in the Green zone where he was pronounced the luckiest man in Iraq. The sniper's bullet had passed through his neck and throat with an absolute minimum of damage. It missed his carotid artery, jugular vein, spine, and spinal cord by millimeters. He was offered the opportunity to fly to Germany and probably then on to the US to recuperate by the medical staff. He turned it down. He wanted to get back to his men and his brothers in Charlie Company.
Just another of the many examples showing positive morale and soldier support for the war in Iraq. The MSM constantly shoves defectors and disgruntled soldiers down our tubes but why don’t we hear these stories? Is it because they are the rule and the disgruntled are the exception? After all, the media do not report the routine everyday occurrences back home, just the noteworthy and unique.

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