Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Silent Majority

The war protestors fight hard to convince you that they are the majority but this is far from the case. This vocal minority knows how to make noise and the MSM is more than willing to amplify their voice. They rally, demonstrate, and protest then brag about their numbers but they fall far short of the majority.

Today I watched part of President George Bush’s address from Coronado, CA. In the background the USS McCampbell stood in a naval salute. The sailors stood in their dress whites along the deck in support of their Command-in-Chief. In Afghanistan and Iraq tens of thousands of servicemen and women silently awake and go to work 12 plus hours a day 7 days a week in support of the war on terrorism. Back at home, hundreds of thousands dress in uniform and silently support the war. If you want to witness a rally in support of the war on terrorism then pick any business day, get up, and sit outside the gate of your nearest military base. You will see more demonstrators drive through these gates than you will ever see in any anti-war rally.

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