Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Local Idol

I went for a ride yesterday and took the back streets to the range; some roads I haven't been on for a while through the suburb of Murray. I was remembering the cities trademark smokestacks where a new hospital now stands when I turned right and was greeted by a 30 foot tall David Archuleta. There, covering most of the front of Murray High School was a banner saying, "Home of our local Idol." While deployed, we would occasionally watch an episode of American Idol as a team on AFN but only the early episodes where potential contestants made fools of themselves and Simon was in comment overload, but I have never sat thought a show during the contest. If I do sit through it tonight it will be to support a local boy making it big. Then, probably not; it's not my type of thing.

I did do well on the range. That was after I broke in the new extractor for my Kimber. Any green silhouettes had better not threaten me.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Random Thoughts

It has been much too long since I have written anything. I guess I'm still trying to get over the disappointment from our current presidential prospects since Romney conceded just days after my last post. I need to write my opinions on that soon – but not today.

I am currently waiting for some final details to fall into place so I can start my next contracting job. I hope to spend about a year overseas to earn enough capital to start a business. I'm tired of being away from home all the time.

I am presently in uniform assisting with some training with the National Guard. Today was some intense medical training that was very mentally and emotionally demanding. Without boring you with too many details, I will just say that it reinforced my confidence in the medical training I have received over the years and validated my ability to apply critical life saving procedures when the occasion requires.

More later when time and mental faculties permit.

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