Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Local Idol

I went for a ride yesterday and took the back streets to the range; some roads I haven't been on for a while through the suburb of Murray. I was remembering the cities trademark smokestacks where a new hospital now stands when I turned right and was greeted by a 30 foot tall David Archuleta. There, covering most of the front of Murray High School was a banner saying, "Home of our local Idol." While deployed, we would occasionally watch an episode of American Idol as a team on AFN but only the early episodes where potential contestants made fools of themselves and Simon was in comment overload, but I have never sat thought a show during the contest. If I do sit through it tonight it will be to support a local boy making it big. Then, probably not; it's not my type of thing.

I did do well on the range. That was after I broke in the new extractor for my Kimber. Any green silhouettes had better not threaten me.

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