Monday, October 29, 2007

A Day Out of the Ordinary

So, I woke up this morning and spent about an hour chatting online with my wife then grabbed a bowl of Froot Loops before hopping into the shower…

Now, they managed to squeeze a shower and toilet in between two 9' x 10' rooms to make a trailer park duplex and I only have to share the facilities with one other guy and don't have to walk 100 yards like other locations I have been and how many others live here. I am feeling lucky since I also have hot water; OK warm water, the Army doesn't trust us not to burn ourselves. But, the shower is still very small even for a little guy like me.

… The first thing I notice is the water pressure wasn't quite what it has been lately. A couple weeks ago they turned the water off for a day to fix something and when they turned it back on we had some terrific water pressure. Something to work the warm water deep into my scalp; it felt good. Today I thought, "Whatever they fixed must have broken or been undone." Oh well, I spent most of 3 months here like that and only have a few weeks left so I figured I could live with it. So, I'm enjoying my pleasantly warm shower and get the shampoo into a good lather when the low pressure turned into no pressure. I'm standing there with shampoo running all [sorry we'll try to keep this at least PG] and I'm thinking, "how can I possibly overcome this obstacle." I could towel off and smell like shampoo all day or dip water from the reservoir behind the toilet; neither option sounded pleasant but at least the reservoir is pre-filth and probably my best option.

After contemplating my options for a few minutes, I tried the sink to see if any pressure was retuning and found a slow trickle coming out. I quickly grabbed a cleaning bucket to capture all I could. It then occurred to me that if the sink worked the shower might too. Apparently the water pressure was too low to reach the shower head but if you dropped the hand held/detachable shower head on a tube down to below waist level it would trickle out. So I squat down in the shower and managed to entice enough water to flow out to rinse of the shampoo.

It may not have been a real spectacular event but, come on, any event that makes one day stand out from all the others here in the land of Groundhog Day is one worth remembering.

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