Sunday, October 21, 2007

Agape, Philos, Eros

The first time I ever looked into his eyes I saw a reflection into my soul. There was no doubt that he was life that I helped create. One week later, through him, I learned patience. These thoughts and many more, flooded through my mind when I read this article by SemperFi Wife over at Spousebuzz.

They broke the plumbing when he was born so we never had the choice to have more. But as Honeybear's aunt said, "It's better to have one worth five than five worth one." He really is worth five. OK, some of that is my obvious bias but, it is a belief reinforced by most who know him. He has always had a cheerfulness that draws people to him. He was a really cute child, so much that complete strangers often approached us and asked if they could take his picture.

He is obviously my son. You could compare both of our child photos and not identify half a dozen differences and with the same hair like bright copper. I know exactly what he is up to as well because we both think alike. We both are very quick learners, good problem solvers, and are bored quickly with redundancy.

Before I left on my current assignment, just before his 13th birthday, the thought hit me like a freight train, "At his age plus 4 short years, I was talking to my recruiter." He will likely join one of the services when he is old enough and I can think of fewer better learning experiences for him. At his age, I wanted to be the next Eisenhower or a fighter pilot. He frequently talks about being a pilot and I have been keeping an ear out for which service can best support his desire. My goals changed once I learned that the legendary Green Berets still existed and again when I learned that most officers were self-serving, power hungry, &%$#*... I suspect his goals may also change over the next few years as well and I plan to support him because that is what you do for someone you love so much.

But for now, I am still his hero, and he is one I love more than I can describe in mere words.

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