Saturday, September 08, 2007

Trying to stay sane here

I have been having problems with my internet connection in my room which is nothing more than piggybacking on an open WiFi network and my connection at work has a block on So, I haven't been able to check my blog in a couple of weeks.

I am stuck on Cp. Liberty without transportation and only get the Stars and Stripes for news and it's always a day later than what I read online. This just means I'm about as informed as a Green Zone Reporter.

I did find a new hobby to consume some of my free evenings. It's obviously very addictive since I originally just stopped by to practice with a new camera I picked up for this trip.

Now I have my own little car and have been trying to learn how to drive it on our short and technical track. Races are every Sunday night, so wish me luck.

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