Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Worth its own post.

Carolina wrote:
I think Rangel is simply saying something controversial to see his face in the news. I really don't think there is a chance of draft being make law. However, I have been thinking for some time thatit would be a good idea. It seemed so wrong that such a small percentage of people and their families, those in the military, were carrying all the load for the society as a whole. I thought it should be spread around more evenly. But I have been reading that many active duty folks don't want draftees, they want people who have chosen to be in the military. So now I am reviewing my stance


You are right, those of us currently serving do NOT want draftees. This conflict is precarious enough without having to worry about a disgruntled private watching my back. A draft is the worst think that can happen to the greatest military force on earth and I will not see our military ruined for the sake of fairness.

Life is not fair. As one of the "small percentage," I recognize this and I am willing to carry the load. My efforts will be focusing on finding and convincing more WILLING participants.

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