Thursday, September 07, 2006

World Trade Center

I have never cared for Oliver Stone or any of his idealistic movies and I think Nicolas Cage is a self-serving egotistical third rate actor, so, put their work together and it’s something I don’t want to waste my time with; but… when my wife said she wanted to see it I wasn’t going to say no on our last night together before I deploy. I did do my homework and checked out the reviews on Yahoo Movies so I knew it was about two trapped Port Authority officers and not an overall story of the attack but I was still quite skeptical.

My greatest fear is a nondescript government sedan in front of my house and World Trade Center played this emotion like no other since We Were Soldiers. Since the ending is more predictable than Titanic I’ll continue. The movie sent us on an emotional rollercoaster showing the damage to a world, a nation, a city, and a couple of families but left you with the realization that with as bad as this was it was a couple of the extreme few good endings and there were nearly three thousand bad endings.

When I left the theater I was stunned with silence. I left with one reassuring thought, in less than a week I would be in an ideal location to do something to the terrorists who would do this again. No other organization in the world is better suited for finding and eliminating terrorist cells than the U.S. Army Special Forces. I have been trained to find them and World Trade Center shows exactly why I must find them.

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