Friday, July 28, 2006

I finally paid Walt a visit today.

I had to run into Tacoma to pick up some cables and connectors the Army system couldn't seem to get for me. The electronics store was on 29th Ave. and the thought occurred that I was only a short 23 blocks from the Corina Bakery.

It didn't take long to recognize the cozy store front from Michael Yon's photos. Since I had missed lunch it was pretty difficult to decide what needed sampling; I chose his Carmel Pecan Cheesecake and two Chocolate Chip Cookies off the still hot sheets. The Cheesecake was perfectly delicious and not too rich like most cheesecakes are. The cookies could have been made by my wife. As soon as one of you tells me the best way to ship a cheesecake I'll be sending one to my mother who loves caramel even more than I do.

The bakery is definitely a family business with Walt, his wife Jessica, and daughter present in the store today. One older gentleman came in and seemed quite at home in the place. He talked with Walt's daughter (I'm assuming her name is Corina) as if he were her grandfather. Walt later told me the man purchased something every day. It seems apparent that Walt and family have made an impact in there neighborhood far beyond their neighbors waistlines.

I'll add my endorsement to the many others that have been given; the Corina Bakery is a must stop during any visit to Tacoma.

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