Friday, May 26, 2006

Moonbat Invades a U.S. Army Recruiting Tool

I was quite thrilled when the U.S. Army Recruiting Command announced that they were releasing a computer video game. I downloaded the game while still in Afghanistan but did not have a reliable internet connection to play on until I returned home three months later. I play the game and was active on the official forums and believe that I helped promote a good image of the U.S. Army and furthered the recruiting roll the game provided.

Today I learned of an art professor at the University of Nevada Reno who thinks that the game is his personal art studio where he can protest the war by typing a list of Iraqi War casualties. I cannot fathom how typing a list of names in a game can constitute art but he thinks it is. One of his other “art forms” includes strapping a pencil to his mouse while he plays Quake.

If you want to read more about this moonbat you can read the GameSpy article at:

If you do not mind giving his personal web site a hit then you can check it out here:

I suggest that anyone who has played Americas Army should look for this game spoiler, who uses the name “dead-in-iraq,” online and fill the server he is on with veterans and military supporters who can let him know how misguided and ill-conceived his concept is.

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