Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Catching up

OK, I finally took the time to check out this nut case. I know, he’s already been shot down like the Hindenburg so I’ll just say that any one of the 13 answers he gave the commie web site had “poser” written all over it; so much so that I got quite a chuckle from each one. Then I found this, apparently he's from Tucson and not Tacoma as indicated in the previous interview. Apparently somebody in the Coffe Plantation knew what a "poser" looked like and didn't want one soiling any real veterans reputation in their establishment.

On the personal front, I’m in Fayetteville, NC for the next few weeks with free internet access in the hotel so I’ll be online when I’m not working. I will be traveling to Ft. Lewis on the 18th of June and already looking forward to meeting some bloggers there. Meanwhile, since I missed out on the Milbloggers conference in D.C., I suggest a Milbloggers Shoot-out on the west coast this summer. Anybody up for a 4th of July weekend barbeque and shoot?

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