Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Military control of the CIA?

I don't have much time typing from the public library so this one is short and directly to the point.

Anybody who thinks it is wrong for someone from the military to run the CIA needs to do a reality check. With all the bickering about every presidential appointee it pretty obvious why the Democrats have been loosing ground since Jimmy Carter took office.

All you have to do is look at the history of the CIA and they readily admit that they are decended from the OSS in WWII. For those of you too busy to click and read, the OSS was a military operation that dropped small teams into enemy controlled territory like France and Burma. After the war, they decided that having covert intelligence types in other countries was a good idea and they started the CIA.

The Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency both are tasked to develop international intelligence. Since they CIA was formed the DoD has satisfied its self with tactical (local) intelligence and left the strategic (global) intelligence up to the CIA. But, keep in mind, the Army has been in the intelligence business a LOT longer than the CIA

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