Tuesday, April 04, 2006


My National Guard Company has been called to active duty for another year long mission in the war on terrorism. I do not think this is a proper forum in which to discuss where I will be going or what our mission will be beyond saying that we will be dealing directly terrorist organizations.

I will initially be stationed at a location where internet access is virtually non-existent, so don’t expect many articles until I am in country and have our MWR access established. Imagine that; I can get online is some very remote parts of the world but not on a well established military base within the U.S.

In other news, my accident settlement will be coming in this next week. For those of you, who carry the minimum insurance, do NOT hit any motorcycles. The other drivers insurance will not cover my medical expenses. If not for other medical insurance, I would be bankrupt and I will not get a dime for lost wages. But, since my insurance did cover most of my medical expenses, guess who’s getting a new Harley Davidson Road King?

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