Thursday, February 23, 2006

Who can own our ports, cont.

The UAE is an oil rich country that understands that its reserves of oil will not last forever. Because of this they are investing in other businesses. One of these is the container shipping industry which is the one everyone is up in arms about at the moment. This company, Dubai Ports World, is a legitimate international business and one that understands the need for profits. Allowing their company to be used for terrorist activities would guarantee the loss of every port they currently operate in at least 13 different countries.

The UAE and the US obviously do not agree on many issues but they are the most productive of Arab supporters for the war on terrorism; they contributions have even been greater than all the EU countries combined. If we step away from the middle-eastern male stereotype then we must first prevent the sale to Canadian companies because their last Prime Minister freed a known terrorist Ahmad Said al-Khadr and Canadians still petition for the release of his son, an admitted killer of a US Army medic and terrorist, from Guantanamo. We can point out terrorist ties to many Americans too, does that mean we should prohibit American companies from buying our ports?

What I see is a debate between the informed and the uninformed. If you will look at the reports you will see that the experts on international terrorism are all saying there is no problem with the sale. Those against the sale do not see the distinction of UAE businessmen from Arab terrorists a fallacy equal to associating Bill Gates with Timothy McVeigh.

As I have said before, I have fought with UAE soldiers and know their loyalties. Do not fear; DP World is not a terrorist organization.

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