Friday, October 20, 2006

Caliphate News Network

Has anyone beaten me to this one?

I saw the CNN show and I was not overly offended by it. After all, This is CNN we are talking about; I have known where they are coming from for years now which is why I only watch them when I need new material to illustrate liberal illogic. What did get my attention about the story was the fact that they decided to air caliphate propaganda but not the Danish cartoons.

Then there’s this. CNN seems to believe that there is no difference between the TERRORISTS and our SOLDIERS. Just because the Caliphate News Network chose only to show the terrorist in only their most positive environment does not mean that is all the terrorists are doing. These same terrorists are the ones who plant bombs on roadsides where children play and murder family members of those who oppose them. Contrast that with our soldiers who take great risk while being shot at to make sure they do not injure the other civilians these terrorists are hiding behind. Any comparison short of contrast is ignorant at best.

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