Thursday, November 09, 2006

And the winner is…

I watched the election results as they came in on the Caliphate News Network because my only other option was BBC. They did little to conceal their elation and showed nothing but DNC footage the whole day.

As a soldier taking the Global War on Terrorism to the enemy, I was very disturbed by the results. I now wonder how a congress soft on defense and with little regard for the soldier will face an enemy willing to kill himself to achieve his goals.

It is clear that the DNC was able to charge their power base by projecting President Bush as the Great Satin. They have apparently learned from Bill Gates (sorry Barb) that it doesn’t matter if it works or if it’s true, you just have to advertise it well enough. So, here I am, writing this article in Microsoft Word on a machine running Microsoft Windows because it is what the powers have made available and I do not understand Linux enough to use something better.

Did Bush and Co. make mistakes? Of course they did, the last person I knew who didn’t make mistakes was executed 2000 year ago. I have discussed areas where I thought they were handling the war in Iraq wrong. I can also give you a list of other policies that need to change but that would violate OpSec in a big way. This administrations greatest error is in its advertising. Saddam had WMDs! Now Syria has a beefed up mobile WMD program. We do not hear anything about that in the evening news. The GOP wants to privatize Social Security; is there a risk? Yes, but it’s much lower that the current guaranteed failure that the DNC wants to force into continuation. We don’t hear that on CNN either. How about socialized medicine? The DNC thinks it’s a great idea but they don’t want you to see the masses of Canadians who travel to the U.S. to get decent medical care.

Another of the GOPs mistakes is in their recent practices. Republicans have always been for fiscal accountability and our Republican Congress with a Republican President have thrown out all financial responsibility. In this and other areas, the GOP has offered Democrats in elephant pants. As a result, the Republican base had the choice between Democrat liberals and Republican liberals. Apparently, too many thought the choice was not enough to stop at the polls on the way home.

So, who won on election day? Of course, only time will tell, but if history has taught us anything; it wasn’t the soldier, it wasn’t the economy, and it wasn’t freedom loving Americans.

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