Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obligatory Milblog Conference Post

It's already been covered enough in greater detail than I can provide so just hit the sidebar to see what the blogoverse has to say about it. Just a big HT to Andi, Ward, and the Blackfive crew for arranging this excellent extravaganza. I really enjoyed my time there meeting so many of the people that I have read so much about over the past several years. The only people present that I had actually met before were Barb, BCR, and Grim so I had the advantage in identifying many bloggers from their photos, especially when I spent much of my time walking around with my badge backwards. Although I am curious, did anyone manage to get out of there with a pic of me?

Each of the panels was informative and enjoyable. Each time I thought of a question I wanted to ask it was answered before I could ask it. As a first time attendee I wasn't sure if I should interject my comment like I wanted to on a couple of occasions during the first panel so I just kept my mouth shut. I guess it shouldn't have surprised me like it did to learn that CJ's primary reason for blogging was so similar to my own. Unlike him, I have been in the same room with a psychologist but only as a requirement for employment. This psychological interview, for a company who has a deep rooted reputation of not wanting their name and business in the open, included questions that asked if I had ever had a personal blog. I was very surprised when the psychologist told me to keep blogging. It seems that she fully understood the need to vanquish demons through the written word.

We had responsibilities in Salt Lake this morning so we left immediately following the conference and arrived home around 2:00 AM. That means I'm still tired so, Goodnight.

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