Monday, September 05, 2005

One Month Anniversary.

One month, twenty posts, and 2900 hits. Not too bad for a first month. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to review my opinions especially those who left appropriate comments. For those who left inappropriate comments, I still have the power of deletion .

I have personally used this blog to help vent some frustrations over how wrong and/or ignorant some people are, but it has also helped me recover mentally from a rather disabling accident I experience just over two months ago. I am having a terrible time living with the disability so I am working hard at overcoming it. The doctor originally predicted a 90% chance of a 90% recovery; I’ll have a hard time with anything short of 100%. Hopefully I’ll be able to provide the whole accident story soon but that will have to wait. After all, I am just now finding the motivation to mention it. Let me just say, START SEEING MOTORCYCLES! If I hear that any of you even bumps a motorcycle I will personally hunt you down.

So, this anniversary note turned into some semblance of a self portrait Friday. Thanks for dropping by anyways.

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