Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Local politics

I have been politically active all my life. For my adult life I have not been actively involved in local politics because I have seldom been "home." It is now time for that to change.

I live in Utah Senate district 5 and one of our candidates is someone I know very well. He stands a pretty good chance because, in this district, 3 out of 5 typically vote Republican during presidential elections. He just needs to get his message out and encourage these voters to vote on Election Day. His opponent, the incumbent, has out spent him 10-1 and has only used about half of her campaign funds. Jon Fidler is currently in need of another $5,000 to send a simple post card to each of the homes in this district. Please, if there is any way you can provide any assistance, visit his site and offer what you can. If you are local, come out and knock doors with us. If you live in District 5, grab a sign and motivate your neighbors.

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