Monday, September 12, 2005

Institutional Racism

We have heard plenty about institutional racism over the last couple of weeks and within this article I will show that it does exist and is well ingrained into our society.

For an initial illustration I would like you to tell me your initial gut reaction to the following questions. Should Congress designate a White History month? How about a White Congressional Caucus? Would you watch White Entertainment Television? Would any of these suggestions be considered racist? If your last answer was yes then why do we have a Black/Hispanic/Native American History month, a Black Congressional Caucus, or Black Entertainment Television?

Now that some of you erroneously think I am racist, let’s take a look at the race baiters in our society. 40-50 years ago our race baiters would wear white robes and promoted the idea that blacks were less intelligent, less capable, were inferior to whites, and needed white men to provide them help and direction. Today our race baiters fight for time on MSNBCNN and complain that our nations white leaders are not giving blacks enough help and direction.

40-50 years ago there was a political party that apposed desegregation. This party filibustered the Civil Rights Act and insisted that the states had the right to maintain segregation. This party was the Democratic Party; if you don’t believe me just check out Senators Byrd and Thurmond. Today the Democratic Party runs on a platform promoting a nanny state which doles out money to the disadvantaged. In the late ‘80’s the left wing in the Australian political arena campaigned with the slogan, “By 1990 no child will live in poverty.” They won the election and quickly raised taxes and expanded on their dole/welfare programs. Within their system, the more you could prove you were disadvantaged, the more you received and race played a large roll in one’s level of disadvantage. The result was large dole neighborhoods, an alarming unemployment rate, and MORE children in poverty. The point in this example is to illustrate the fallacy of the liberal ideology and show it for what it is, a way to keep the black man down with his support.

On the reverse side, the GOP pushed the Civil Rights Act through and more recently appointed the first black Supreme Court justice, the first black Secretary of State, and even the first black female Secretary of State. So why is it that conservatives are branded as racists when they honor minorities based on their merits?

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