Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Lancet

The following was written a few days ago but posting has been delayed due to technical difficulties and ongoing operations.

So, I did something pretty stupid the today; I watched I Walk the Line, by myself, on the day after Christmas. I can sing pretty well and have a pretty good voice for singing and I really enjoy singing for an audience but I cannot write the songs. Sometimes, especially when I’m feeling pretty melancholy, like right now, I want to put something on paper that can express the deep emotions I feel. I try and I always get stuck, usually on the second line, but I still dream of one day finally telling the story of my pain and my pleasure.

There are so many songs about broken hearts, about missing the ones you love, about the pain of separation, but nobody has yet penned the song I feel, of being torn between the love for my family and the love for my country; I have a duty to both and I cannot seem to fulfill them both.

Brian Holbrook wrote some pretty good songs; you may know him as Gold Falcon from The Jump Blog. My Pretty Ones comes close to expressing my divided duty but he assured me that is not what the song is about. Hands to Work also speaks to me about duty regardless of the trails that we face and I can relate. But, one day, I hope to drive a lancet of music straight to my heart and soul so you can all feel my devotion. Until then, you’ll have to settle for black and white text.

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